The Wolf ran, ran far far away.

“I think i lost them” The Wolf huffed as she skidded to a stop at the edge of the trees. A shriek was emitted from the bushes ahead. The wolf Stopped still, She looked at the bushes. A Tall wolf emerged from them, the wolf was slender and well fed she observed but it had many scars over its body, now the wolf spoke.

“What brings you to my forest young one?” the wolf spoke in an Older voice. The wolf could tell she was much older then her.

“What do you mean?” the Wolf implied.

“Why excuse my manners, My name is Magic. And yours?”


“Nice name, anyways this is the enchanted forest, my domain” Queen had heard legends about this place and she realized who she was talking to.

“I-I Have to go….”

“Don’t leave so soon child! We only just met it's rude to leave!” Yelled Magic “And what’s the rush?” Magic swayed closer. Queen ran, Queen ran as fast as she could.

Queen was a lone Wolf, she did everything on her own. Hunted, slept, and much more. But that would soon change.

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